What is a MANGA?

Manga are literally the “comics” of Anime lovers. They originated from Japan with different styles compared to the western comics, and notably has a different way of reading. It has become more popular to Otakus because it is just a comic adaptation of their favorite Animes.

Luffy From One Piece
The creators of those Mangas are called Mangakas or in Japanese “The Comic Artists” or “Cartoonists”. Mangakas mostly has Assistants that help them finish their works easily. These assistants will sometimes copy the style of the Mangaka so that they can also draw when the Manga is in a leave. They also do the coloring, shading, lettering and any other minimal works.

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Morning Coincidence


Well I am a man and what man doesn’t like to wake up with… You know what I’m talking about here you little bastards. This is what makes a man’s day start perfect and makes him double his productivity during the day. All women should take in consideration doing that for their men every morning they wake up before them. This is just my opinion and if you think I am wrong then you need help….

As a smoker I think it is something absolutely necessary


I think theese cigarette filters should be in all brands in every corner of the world. I know that cigarette filters are seen almost everywhere thrown on the streets, just for the record I don’t do that, but it would be awesome that all that trash could be the seed for a flower, just creating beauty from something bad.

And yes even if I said smoking is bad I will still do it knowing that.

I am a smoker and don’t go complaining “oh no, smoking kills you and is not healthy for you and the ones around you” because I am not complaining about what you do. It is a personal choice and I am doing this vice because I like it and I feel confortable doing it. 


Fighting against mankind’s greatest enemy


It is may 14, 2014. There are 20 minutes left until 8 PM. I am slowly beginning to think I have no way out of this hell… They keep coming one after the other. My co-workers, my boss even my friends have been slowly infected by this hopeless disease… Most of the people I meet at work are severely infected. It seems that the ones who are left healthy choose just to ignore the infected but sooner or later they are going to have to face them and then they will suffer.

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Men and women about their age


It is true that you can barely find a woman over 25 who will tell you their actual age because we all know women WORRY A LOT! Even if men don’t understand why think so much and create your own problems they already learned the lesson: Asking a woman for her age is a big NO, give her enough time to tell you herself and if you find out her age this way it means you probably have a shot at winning her for yourself.  Continue reading