Just what doglovers should always remember


1. Don’t ignore them for too long. They may only live for 10 to 15 years. It seems like forever when you’re away from them and it hurts their heart when they don’t know where you are.

2. Take them to new places to meet friendly people and animals. Dogs might be frightened of them at first, but if you hold their paw through these new experiences, They will learn to be more confident and trusting of others. Truth is they really do love to meet new friends.

3. Don’t throw them away when new family members arrive. They are the dog’s family too and they will love and protect them as much as they love and protect you.

4. Don’t get mad at dogs when they jump up. They love you so much and sometimes they can’t help getting excited and wanting to give you a hug.

5. Teach your dog new things. Dogs just love making you happy so teach them what you’d like them to do. Learning is great exercise and they love it just as much as a run at the park.

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